My Husband Could Care Less, But I'm Getting Some Traffic on My Blog!

So hubby has absolutely no interest in what I am doing on by Blog. He also was watching "I Love Lucy" reruns standing by my bedside as I was in labor with our first child....

But I am watching stat's on my Blog and I'm getting some traffic...and what's more fun than watching stats????

And I see you guys from Shoemoney.com looking in...did I mention I love information???? I may be a newbie, but I learn fast, as was noted!

So hubby is getting angry that he made hamburgers for dinner and I'm still typing on my computer - gotta run!


Loganet said...

hehehe . . . isn't it a blast watching all that new traffic from the SEO contest? We're going to be so depressed come Monday and all that traffic plunges!

Mary said...

LOL - for sure! But I need to start my Facebook Visa Ad up again to see what that was bringing here. Got some people from that who appear to have bookmarked the page.