Do You Feel Like We're Riding a See-Saw Every Day?

Wow, now the recession may be over by the end of 2009...but wasn't it all doom and gloom just a few weeks ago with even the President saying the economy might never recover?

See-saw? Feels more like whiplash some days.

Although I'm an optimist when it comes to my belief in our nation's ability to pull together and overcome huge obstacles and challenges, I also am a realist and think the American people are, too. Changing rhetoric isn't going to solve the problems we face. And this economy isn't going to change overnight.

I'm happy to hear more upbeat and positive things coming out of the administration and the news media. But when the message goes from pending doom to upbeat while the realities of what is going on is still in flux - well, that's what will keep all of us on edge and not sure what to believe.

Uncertainty is a big part of what is going on. When people are unsure of what to do or what might happen they hunker down. As long as we keep seeing and hearing conflicting messages and data this economy isn't going to do much more than it has been doing...see-sawing.