When You Know Your Company's Culture is Right-On!

My husband and I started our main business 22 years ago and always tried to make it a place where people enjoyed coming to work and worked together as a team to get the job done. We have always been so proud of how they all pull together when short-handed, or just very busy.

When we decided to move 3,000 miles away and open a branch office in California we gave them three options. We could hire a manager, appoint one of them manager, or they could just continue to work as they always had, as a team who knew what needed to be done.

They chose to just keep it the way it was. It's been 12 years since that day.

I left on Thursday last week for a weekend Mastermind and got home to find the fax you see above that they had sent us on Friday.

I can't begin to tell you how incredible a group of people work with us and how thankful we are that they "get it."