Streamlining and Simplifying - How Powerful

My attempt to simplify my life and get out from under the weight of the internet and my computer is coming along nicely. And as it does I really am feeling a small burst of "calm" coming back into my life.

Over the last week I have deleted about 15,000 e-mails (yes, you read that right!). So many were un-opened from mailing lists I somehow got on, but never looked at or cared about, but on days I felt most overwhelmed I didn't even take the time to delete them, or more importantly, unsubscribe from them.

So along with deleting I've been unsubscribing and feel certain I can now keep control. There will always be lots of e-mails I retain, but now they are stored in folders so I might even be able to find them when I want them!

I've got a ways to go in order to get rid of the "overwhelmed" feeling - but I am definitely on my way.