A Garden Tip for the Coming Cold Weather

I live in a coastal area in California, so freezes are are very rare occurrence, but we do get the occasional frost and sometimes it's enough to kill our normally year-round plants.

Just last winter I was admiring a huge, beautiful Jade plant that we planted 10 years before, the year we moved to California and this house. I made a comment to my husband about it. A few days later we awoke to it sagging and looking awful! We had several days of frost warnings so we tried everything to save that beautiful plant. We covered it with a blanket, we ran an extension cord with his worklight and left it on all night under the cover. All to no avail. The plant survived, but so much dead stuff had to be cut off it wasn't much bigger than when we planted it years ago.

Now a new friend, who is a professional gardener told me the secret...string frost sensitive plants with miniature outdoor Christmas lights!

Even if you are in a cold weather climate you may find this tip helpful to either extend your growing season or help sensitive plants winter-over. I remember my Mom wrapping plants in burlap and/or covering them with bushel baskets back east.

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