An Early Morning Networking Meeting

This morning I was up at 5:00 a.m. in order to go to a networking breakfast at the invitation of a new friend. Mind you, I am not a morning person!

I have never been an outgoing, social, networking type of person, but with my two newest businesses the personal interaction is most likely necessary, at least to get them kick-started. I've tried using AdWords and Facebook Visa ads to test the water and get familiar with these two ways of getting traffic, but haven't been overly impressed with the results for anything except my blog.

One reason may be because I'm sending people to "mirror" sites designed by others that frankly I find confusing and overwhelming myself. So no wonder I've gotten lousy CTR's. But my question is that if I create a landing page that I design myself they still need to go to the other sites in order to take action. Is this going to add a layer that will help, i.e., condense what they need to know before sending them to the link or just frustrate them that they didn't get directly to the information they thought they were being directed to?

Any comments, ideas, experience from people out there?

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