Staying Accountable to Your Goals

For all of us who need a little help with getting our goals and things we want to accomplish done this website I just discovered is terrific! www.43things.com puts you in contact with others striving towards the same goals you have. I just signed-up and my list is now going to be posted there and here on my Blog to be a constant reminder to me of what I should be doing and to encourage others to stay on-track with their own goals.

I've only posted three, but they are my biggest ones right now:

1) Help others succeed at their goals!
2) Stop procrastinating.
3) Get out of debt.

Now that I'm making myself accountable to the world, I'll occasionally post about my progress (hopefully progress, but probably sometimes lack of progress! LOL ).

So who's going to join me in this?

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The Money Mom - Monica Rowland said...

Awesome site..I love it! I signed up right away...and published....

I love your blog.. let's definitely stay connected! Please checkout my blog called..
"The Money Mom ~ Creating A Balanced Life Through Financial, Spiritual, and Physical Wellness!"