Are You Going to Vote Tomorrow?

I was truly amazed to hear from a young man today that he wasn't planning to vote tomorrow because his vote "doesn't matter" and "nothing's going to change regardless of who gets elected." I'm saddened that there are still people who feel their vote doesn't matter. I have friends who are married and one is a staunch Democrat and one a staunch Republican and they stopped voting a few years ago saying their votes canceled each other out. Doesn't everyone know by now the difference between the popular vote and the electoral college? And what about all of the other issues on the ballot?

Please, VOTE and try to convince anyone who doesn't plan on voting to go with you...every voice counts in every election. Whether you are voting for McCain or Obama the issue is bigger than that. We normally only get just over half the registered voters to cast their ballots in an election. What might change if we got almost 100% of the voters to the polls? I sure would like to find out in my lifetime.

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