What Do You Make of This Photo?

Now I'm not a person that usually talks about spirituality, ghosts, after-life, and so on. Like politics I find it to be a subject that I avoid, unless with a very good friend or my husband.

But the friends that we went to Europe with are those kind of close friends that you can discuss these subjects with and the conversations are lively and interesting.

So when the wife told me about "orbs" in photographs it wasn't anything I was familiar with, but interesting. She pointed out several orbs in the photographs we took (on different cameras) in Europe. Most without flash so reflection wasn't an explanation.

But her mom took this photo and sent it to her and we are all wondering. She said she took others within minutes of these, but with no people in them and there were no orbs at all. It was inside, no rain, no water on her lens, etc.

Gotta wonder...

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