How Can You Make Some Extra Money in Bad Economic Times?

My favorite Forum has had some great topics concerning staying afloat and even making some extra money during these tough economic times. Someone said they read that average person in danger of losing everything, their house, car, etc., was short in income by about $500 a month. Think about that. With another $500 a month of income they would be OK. That got everyone throwing out ideas as to how someone could create additional income without taking on another W-2 job.

This forum is heavily populated by entrepreneurs so it didn't take much to get them going. Selling items on eBay, doing landscaping, painting numbers on curbs, house cleaning, auto detailing, dog walking, cleaning out garages (and then help them sell on eBay!), home repairs, house painting; techie types could offer to help with computer stuff, setting up VCR's, home theaters, etc. All things that you could get going quickly and get extra money. And, they'd have a business which would give them all sorts of possible tax deductions.

Sometimes it just takes someone to get you thinking. Our forum host has a weekly meeting with her family about how many ways they might be able to generate additional cash that week. Clean out your own garage and have a yard sale or sell the things on eBay, fill out old rebate forms, call and cancel those automatic subscriptions that you don't want, pack your lunch all week, call about an overcharge that needs to be credited, etc., etc.

And your business can benefit from this idea, too. That's how I happened to get involved in referring businesses to a Merchant Service Provider (For Ethical Merchant Services Click Here!) - Because of a "rant" post on our Forum about a problem with their Merchant Account Provider I was reminded that I hadn't checked out our rates in a couple of years . Being the "information addict" I am I not only researched better rates for our company, I researched the issue she had as well. I learned more about the subject than I ever would have imagined. Then I talked about the subject with our friends who own a retail store and heard another horror story from them. That really got me digging.

Bottom line is I found a Merchant Service Provider that does business the way I do, honestly, above-board and with the highest degree of ethics. And I searched the web for complaints about them (none), pulled their D&B report (great), checked out their BBB report (excellent). They are saving me hundreds of dollars a month and also made me aware that we had an odd situation in that all of our transactions were being put through as "non-qualified." This was costing us hundreds of dollars a month as well and when I looked into it it was because our processor trained our people to not answer any of the qualifying questions they were asked when processing a credit card.

Right then and there I called the VP of Marketing and said I wanted to refer business to them, could we work out a referral arrangement. It's very small dollars, but the gratification I get when another business person is shocked by how much they can save makes it all worthwhile.

So this post started with one thought, but flowed to another and ended with yet another! Isn't that what makes it interesting and exciting?

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