Great Source

I was doing my usual spacing around on the internet and found a book on utilizing the features of my Sony VIAO notebook. I followed links to the Sony website and what a wonderful surprise I found...Online courses for Personal Computing 101, Home Entertainment 101, Digital Photography 101 and Digital Video 101.

The Personal Computing 101 has courses on Creating Your First Website, Power Point, Excel, etc.

They have Articles, Courses, Tutorials, Videos - a wealth of information - definitely check it out! There is so much great information on the web but when I find something that is so full of information somewhere I'd never think of looking I love it!


I'm the type of person who just jumps in and figures it out as I go, but with all of the options and complexity of programs nowadays it can be frustrating as I know enough to get myself in trouble! So every once in a while I go back to the beginning, the basics, and work my way through what I probably should have gone through to begin with!

So maybe I will finally figure out all the things I can do with my digital camera, and understand all the things I can use Excel for!

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