A Good Laugh for the Day!

Well just when you think you’ve heard everything about telemarketing I think this story may top them all!

We were visiting our daughter yesterday at her apartment. Her boyfriend went down to the garage to get something out of his trunk and came back with this experience.

He was in the elevator and the phone started to ring. He answered it and a female voice asked if “John Jones” was there. You can imagine his puzzled look as he replied, “Noooo, it’s just me here in the elevator,” thinking that someone had been in it before him and had a problem and used the phone.

Even after hearing that comment she went on to say, “Oh, well you must live in the building, would you be interested in subscribing to the Los Angeles Times?” “Uh, I’m in an elevator, thanks but NO.”

We all fell over laughing when he came back in and told us what just happened to him!

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