Privacy (or lack of!) and the Internet

I've always been amazed at what information you can get online about people; it's unnerving! I was just told a little secret...at least it was to me. Go to google.com and type in "phonebook:your name and state" - it would look like this: phonebook:john smith wyoming - important - don't put a space after the : but do put a space between your first and last name and the state.

Did you find yourself? Maybe not just your phone number but also your home address? And a google map button if your address was shown?

If you did, you can click at the bottom of the page to remove your information - but as they point out it won't get rid of your information in a variety of other places where it can be found, just in Google.

The information you need to get rid of information on you that is floating around the internet is in a great little e-book. I bought it ($27) and they say they'll be sending updates and videos as well to show how to do it. For me it is money well-spent. If you want the e-book here's a link: Privacy e-Book

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