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I read this and thought it was very to-the-point and addresses a lot of what I take issue with in the way government officials act. You can't do everything and make everyone happy, especially in a crisis. Politicking and pork in an Economic Stimulus Bill for this economic crisis is unacceptable to me.

This is actually the end of the article, but if you'd like to read the full story go to: http://www.sovereignsociety.com

Their articles can be "edgy" but always give me food for thought.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - Vol. 11, No. 52 -

An Open, Candid, and
Non-Partisan Response to the President

Second: Clean up Your Message and Acknowledge the "Power of One"
...Fix the Economy first, and THEN we'll Cure Cancer

This point is ancillary to the first, but it's just as crucial in terms of maintaining the kind of market confidence we'll need to get the economy growing sometime in the next few years;

What's your angle? What's the "shot"...what's your line?

Is it fixing the economy? Then talk about fixing the economy. Don't give us an hour of the same promises we've been spoon-fed by years of politicians. Alternative Energy? Gas is less than two bucks a gallon right now...people would much rather hear about how you're going to keep them working. Reforming Healthcare? Aren't we in the middle of the biggest crisis since - and perhaps even greater than - the Great Depression? Improving Education?

Mr. Obama; you're done campaigning. You've already got the Office, and words won't fix the economy.

Moreover, last night's speech seemed to reflect the compromised and...shall we say "porky" nature of the recovery bills so far passed by a Democratic Congress. US$700 Billion to fix the banks? Yeah, let's throw another US$180 Billion in useless favors on there (like wooden arrow shafts and mining gear) so we can get the votes. Biggest spending bill in American History? Let's throw in a Maglev from Disneyland to keep Harry Reid happy.

But your speech last night - and the aforementioned recovery bills - seem to be rife with "You scratch my back..." politicking. This kind of "governing" (we use the term loosely here) won't convince the people or the markets that the water's safe to start swimming again. It will make them feel like their health and welfare hang on whether or not we've done enough "favors" for the politicians, bureaucrats and sponsors standing between them and the government actions necessary for a swift recovery.

As such, and combined with your flawed perspective on banks and lending, we do not believe that your actions since taking office are likely to enhance America's prospects for a smooth and swift recovery.

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