Scam Warning From the IRS and State Scams

This is a reminder for everyone that the IRS NEVER uses e-mail to correspond with taxpayers. There are scams that use e-mail to make it appear that the IRS is requesting information from you - don't fall for them.

Here's a link to the IRS site that warns about one particular scam that is going around http://bit.ly/FVkIN - but it's not the only one. So spread the word and don't be caught.

And if you're a business owner be aware that there are several regular mail scams that happen regularly. They come in very official looking envelopes and look very "real" telling you that your Statement of Information for your state is due and to immediately fill out the form and remit $XXX - and many, many people get deceived and send the money.

Before you submit any form that you get in the mail, go on the State website and look to see what the real requirement is...in California it is a simple form and a $25 payment. I've seen bogus forms requesting $100 - almost $300 - Don't get caught!

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