Internet Marketing - Not as Difficult as You Might Expect

One of the things I've been doing (while not blogging!) is immersing myself in learning about Internet Marketing. You may know from reading some of my posts that I have good friends who are in retail, and worse yet, in a tourism niche. Obviously, they are having a difficult time of it in this economy.

So my initial research was to see if I could find ways of helping them by giving them a presence on the internet for some of the wonderful things they have in their store. They have a lot of beautiful jewelry...from sea glass pieces to opals and a line crafted in Paris, so I thought that might be a good place to start.

Wow, little did I know how much there was to learn - immersing myself quickly became drowning myself! But I'm finally getting a better understanding of it. Some of my posts will be about what I've learned.

Toward that end, if you ever wanted to start figuring out how to sell on the internet I have a totally FREE download for you to get started with. No opt-in (meaning you don't have to give me your e-mail address to get it), just an immediate download of an 85-page book called "Google AdWords Made Easy" by Brad Callen, a very well-known person in the internet marketing world. Honestly, don't even think about paying for AdWords until you get educated, because you can lose a lot of money quickly.

Just click here and you can download "Google AdWords Made Easy" right now.

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