Leadership - A Skill You Need to Develop

In this tumultuous time knowing how to lead is a critical skill. We all have those momentary insights that are the flashes of leadership but most are never harnessed. Whether we are too insecure to think that we could be a true leader or lack the discipline to follow through on our ideas, it is a waste of what could be something that would impact the lives of others in a positive way.

I listened to a powerful tele-seminar last night where Eben Pagan and Wyatt Woodsmall talked about leadership in a way that actually changed my way of thinking about what leadership is and why it is a critical skill for each and every one of us.

Look around you, at your family, your work, your community. Leadership is necessary at every level in your life. You're a leader when you set limits for your kids, help a co-worker or volunteer in your community in some manner. You do these things instinctively, probably without ever thinking about leadership. But what if you actively were aware of those actions being acts of leadership? What if you understood how you could be a more effective leader by understanding what motivates people?

I'm paraphrasing here from the tele-seminar, but what sets humans apart in this world is our ability to create in our imaginations something that doesn't exist...a future...and the ability to act upon creating that envisioned future.

This is a time in our lives and in our country's history that needs each and every one of us who are willing to accept the challenge and the responsibility to step up and be the leaders that we all are capable of. It doesn't mean running for public office. It means going the extra step to not just be good parents to our kids, but to help them find inspiration in life; it means not just helping a co-worker or employee, but encouraging them and creating an atmosphere of support; and being willing to not just be a support person in our community activities, but an idea generator.

To quote Robert F. Kennedy,
"If not us, who? If not now, when?"

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