Launch of My New Website - Will You Give Me Some Feedback?

Well, after a day and a half of working on it (yes, a very short time!) I have launched a new website that I would love to get feedback on! This is a website that will constantly grow and change with great new promotions, deals, rebate offers, prizes, etc., that I find while I'm browsing the internet. I'm not only an "information-aholic" but a "shop-aholic" (reformed!) that loves to find a great deal! So I'm indulging both by writing this blog and creating my new website that allows me to pass on great offers.

I always pay way less than the retail price on most anything I buy, because I know how to search out the coupons, deals, etc. And I'm on a lot of e-mail lists that notify me of specials, sales and so on that now I can pass on to others. I also love to travel (look at my Europe photos in an earlier post if you haven't already!) and friends are always asking me to help them find the best airfare and hotel deals. I love doing it, and now I can do it on a much broader scale!

If you have a minute, please visit www.thisnthatgreatwebsites.com and give me your comments, good or bad. I'm looking to provide a great source for people like you, so your feedback is very appreciated!

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