Are Any of You Runners, Joggers, or Have "Bad Knees"?

I've always had "bad knees" - jogging was never a possibility for me. That is until I found these great shoes that actually have springs in them! I got the "trainers" not the running shoes, but for the first time in my adult life I can now jog without it bothering my knees!

The "runners" were actually "Banned in Boston" - yeah, the Boston Marathon banned them for giving runners an unfair advantage. Don't know how it settled out, but the maker loves to use that for advertising purposes!

They have running shoes, trainers and walkers. Don't laugh at the source I found them at - I get lots of catalogs 'cause I'm a mail order/catalog buyer (I hate shopping at the stores):
Spira Racer
Spira Trainer
Spira Walker

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