Venturing into the world of Facebook and LinkedIn

Well, I'm jumping in the water and hope I don't drown! What in the world is a "poke?" It seems everyone is on Facebook or one of the other sites, but I've never looked at them. But now I'm making an attempt and I feel like I've gone to another country and don't speak the language!

I'll just have to see who I can find that will help me figure it out...seems like fun!


Francisco "Pancho Pepe" Palacio said...

Hola Mary

Need a translator?

You seem pretty fluent in the lingo, though...

and what's a poke? a mere expression of "friendliness" to some, a testament of having "thought of you" whilst at the site... and yes, it's kind of a silly, fun thing to do with some people who are almost always connected... as the pokes come back while you're on the next tab in your browser!

Go figure, ends up being a round of "Poke Buddies"


Francisco "Pancho Pepe" Palacio said...

And Mary? are you getting your money's worth on the FB ad u placed for ur blog, too?

Just curious...


Mary said...

Hola Francisco!

Thanks for the info on the "poke!" I'm still figuring out the basics...someone e-mailed me and asked me my Facebook address and I'm going "Uhhh, what is my Facebook address and do I want to give it out to just anyone????" So there's another thing you can clue me in on!

Hard to tell yet about the FB ad - I signed up for the $100 Visa credit a while back and decided to test it on a link to the blog. Adding my photo to the ad picked up the pace a bit and it seems like I'm getting people to come by, but you're the first to leave a comment. I'll let you know as the week goes on.

Rich said...

It seems like almost everyone is on, facebook yet they have just recently hit a million users. so in a country of a 6 billion. you can do the math. But I like where its headed. Seems to be the easiest to use social network on the web. I haven't read all of your blog yet but looked interesting. I'm guessing you have a business, if so what is it and what do you do?

Mary said...

Well, I've been a business owner for 30 years! First I owned a Word Processing business back in the day of impact printers and computers that took up a room! Then my hubby and I started our current Direct Mail business, now I'm into two new ventures...trying to get those up and running as we speak! One I blogged about, SendOutCards, which is a greeting card service (and business if you want to do that also) and Merchant Card Services, which is really more a passion - it's a highly unregulated, sometimes unethical field and I found one that is honest and the best deal around while researching a better deal for our main business. So I called them up and said I wanted to refer businesses to them, what could we work out! And we have real estate rentals, one which is a vacation rental. So I stay busy!

Anonymous said...


Have you tried Fast Pitch? It's a killer online business network that offers a lot of ways for you to promote your business (and your blog!). See how it compares to the platforms you're using now (Facebook and LinkedIn). You'll see what I mean.


Doug P.

Mary said...

Hi Doug - thanks for the link, I'll check it out!